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Congratulations on ZKTeco Awarded 2016 China Security Top 10 National Brands

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On 24th October 2016, ZKTeco was again awarded 2016 China Security Top 10 National Brands organized by A&S Magazine, and has received the award in 2016 China International Security Summit and Forum,

which is a significant approval and encouragement to ZKTeco’s effort to security industry.

061438The 2016 China Security Top 10 National Brands selection targets at outstanding enterprises in security industry and influential well known security brands. The whole selection is strictly inspected and managed on enterprises’ quality with multi-layer poll, the top 10 enterprises among all are selected and awarded. The Award aims to express appreciation enterprises that have been paying great effort on security branding, achieving outstanding business development and great industry contribution, set up role model for China security industry, aspire the entire security industry to fight and march towards success, push forward the rapid development of China security brands, and express the significant influence of China security brands in the promotion of industry’s sustainable development including industry technology innovation, product advancement and branding etc.

061452In 2016, ZKTeco, with the development strategy of “Hybrid Biometric Verification Technology Initiates a New Era of Access Control, Car Park Management and Luggage Inspection” will keep focusing on the research & development and the innovation of application of hybrid biometric verification technology, successively release multi-modal palm verification technology, iris verification technology, and fingerprint, face, vein multi-modal palm and iris hybrid verification technology and industrialization, thus formulate hybrid biometric verification for entrance management, car entrance management and security inspection array, BioFrontliner professional hybrid biometric verification security management platform, smart community, smart building, smart construction site, smart office etc.

hybrid biometric verification industry solution, hybrid biometric verification identity card, card & face authentication device and platform, to provide one-stop hybrid biometric verification security products, solutions and service for clients, and create complete and sustainable industry ecosystem.

Mr. Gavin Fu, the Manager of ZKTeco Security dept., and over 1,000 senior management staffs of renowned security enterprises, security experts, scholars, heads of organizations, member companies from 26 Provinces were invited to the manifest.